Exhibition on ocean acidification in the Cretaquarium

What is ocean acidification? Are our seas and the organisms that live in them, threatened by global warming and climate change? The acidiCO₂ceans project tries to give answers to these questions with  a series of interactive 3D images and infographics, displayed in the entrance hall of the Cretaquarium. Posters in English and Greek inform the Cretaquarium visitors about the future of our oceans, and about the experiments conducted in the framework of the acidiCO₂ceans project.

The posters are presented in an easy and educational way, and an touch screen allows the user to interactively flick through a series of micro-CT scans, manipulate the data in 3D and explore the effects of ocean acidification.

The exhibition can be visited in the Cretaquarium reception hall during the opening hours of the Aquarium and will remain open throughout the summer.

Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos - Aquarium
Former American Base at Gournes
Crete, Greece