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Niki Keklikoglou
About us
Saskia Ruhl
Eva Chatzinikolaou
Panos Grigoriou
Sarah Faulwetter
Feeding and checking!
Project preparations
Scanning (juvenile) Nucella
Collecting Shrimps for Cuttlefish!!!
Cuttlefish scannings-MicroCT
Sample collection pictures
Experimental aquaria are set up!
Sampling of the organsims
Exhibition on ocean acidification in the Cretaquarium
Download the posters of the exhibition
3d morphometric courses-Barcelona (Niki)
Panos + Eva on leave
Nafsika: Sampling cruise
Panos + Eva Athens
MicroCT user meeting -Ostende (Niki)
Sarah away for Easter
Sarah Meeting Malaga
EUBON meeting in HCMR
Sarah Meeting London
Nafsika: Mesocosm experiment
Nafsika: Mesocosm experiment
Visit Saskia from PML
Experiments and Equipment
Micro-CT scans
Project Team
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